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Another icing-free cake

This time, an 8″ vanilla vodka fruitcake with a marzipan topping…

No-icing fruit cake

A 6″ vanilla vodka fruitcake, with a marzipan topping, wrapped in parchment paper and decorated with oven dried orange slices. A very simple decoration for someone who loves fruitcake but is not so keen on icing.

Jenny’s walking cake

A walking themed cake for Jenny who is celebrating her 80th birthday. Cake is a vanilla vodka fruit cake covered with marzipan and soft fondant icing. Decorations are made from fondant icing, a little bit of pipe work and the sign post is wooden lollipop sticks which have been etched with my pyrography kit!

Cycling 90th

A vanilla vodka fruit cake decorated with a cycling theme for a retired keen cyclist on his 90th birthday.


Another pretty cake for another special birthday. A vanilla vodka fruit cake for the base tier and a light moist lemon cake for the top tier, decorated with…

25 years together

A vanilla vodka fruit cake decorated with a design inspired by an anniversary card.

Rosa ‘Nan’

A rather pretty cake (even if I do say so myself!) for my mum’s 75th birthday. She loves gardening and we bought her some David Austin rose bushes…

Secret garden

A vanilla vodka fruitcake, covered in fondant for a smooth finish and then decorated with free hand drawings (in edible ink pens) on a garden theme, topped with handmade sugar roses.

Jim’s Shield

This was a vanilla vodka fruit cake which we made for Jim’s 80th birthday.

An ecclesiastical birthday cake!

An ‘Ecclesiastical’ take on a birthday cake for a retired Vicar who is going to be 89. Vanilla Vodka fruit cake, how yummy is that?