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A rustic wedding cake

Three tiers of rich chocolate cake, bottom tier with milk chocolate filling, middle tier with white chocolate filling and top tier with dark chocolate filling.

75 years!

A 75th Wedding Anniversary cake! Can you believe it? 75 years 👏 Happy Anniversary to Ken and Audrey, celebrating with family today

Ollie and Dave’s wedding

Ollie and Dave’s Wedding cake. Three tiers of sponge cake, top and bottom tiers are vanilla sponge with vanilla bean cream and the middle tier is a moist lemon with lemon buttercream. Decorated in soft white fondant with hand made peonies and roses in a mixture of coral and ivory colours.

Lisa and Tim’s wedding

Delicate lace work with bead piping round rich sherry fruit cakes.

Sophie and Andy’s wedding

Many congratulations to Sophie and Andy who were married today at the Masonic Hall in Harrogate.

Ben and Holly’s wedding

A fruit cake, ginger cake & lemon Madeira cake.

Pearl wedding

A chocolate & vanilla marble cake covered in soft pearl-coloured icing for a 30th wedding anniversary.

Horse shoe wedding cake

Bottom tier was fruit, middle chocolate and top vanilla. Cake topper is of bride, groom and the bride’s horse, Heath.

‘Hobbies’ diamond anniversary

A classic square cake for Bryan and Daphne as they celebrate 60 years of marriage.

Lighthouse wedding cake

A seaside theme for this wedding cake with ivory icing, pearl lustred seashells and a lighthouse.

Autumn leaves

The autumn leaves were made by colouring petal paste in green, brown, red and orange and then ‘titivating’ them by dabbing a mixture of edible lustres to try and give them a bit of depth of colour.

25 years together

A vanilla vodka fruit cake decorated with a design inspired by an anniversary card.

Ruby wedding

A moist sherry fruit-cake decorated with soft cream icing and fondant decorations.

Elspeth’s wedding cake

Traditional brandy-soaked fruit cakes and dairy-free vanilla sponge wedding cake.

White lustre roses

A three-layer cake of fruit, chocolate & lemon sponges with hand-made roses and a teal ribbon.

Edwardian wedding cake

Mike and Eliza’s wedding cake.

Vintage Golden Wedding

A golden cake for John and Sue’s 40th anniversary.

Ivory wedding cake

A three tier fruit cake and covered in ivory icing with ribbon to co-ordinate with the dress and a real flower posey for the top.

Cascading chocolate flowers

Chocolate sponge cakes covered in soft white fondant with the now obligatory handmade sugar roses, this time in chocolate-coloured petal paste.

Art Deco

An Art Deco-inspired cake for Amy’s wedding at Ripley Castle.