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Maths biscuits. Mathscuits…?

Marzipan and ginger biscuits with mathematical symbols piped on to them for decoration.

A different Christmas cake

Un-iced fruit Christmas cake. Simply decorated with parchment paper, a top of marzipan and some dried orange slices.

A rum do for Margaret

This cake is for Margaret who is celebrating her very special 90th birthday.

Christmas cakes

Here are the iced Christmas cakes! An 8” brandy soaked fruit cake and a 9” Southern Comfort soaked fruit cake. Covered with marzipan and soft icing with fondant decorations.

Another icing-free cake

This time, an 8″ vanilla vodka fruitcake with a marzipan topping…

No-icing fruit cake

A 6″ vanilla vodka fruitcake, with a marzipan topping, wrapped in parchment paper and decorated with oven dried orange slices. A very simple decoration for someone who loves fruitcake but is not so keen on icing.